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Please check back to this area regularly as important  information  relating directly to staff will be posted here.
A number of staff recently have been phoning the off duty Partner out of hours with queries/problems.  Please make sure you phone the on duty manager out of hours for any queries.  This is contained on your weekly schedule.  If you are unsure how this works please ask either Markham or Robin.
More and more of our clients are now having key safe access systems fitted to their doors.  For security reasons we will not be putting these codes on your schedules but will do our best to advise you either by Email or phone when we are advised by Clients or their families.  If you come across one that we haven't been told about we will contact family/Social Services to find the number. But please do phone and advise us even if someone else lets you in on that occasion.
It is vital that all staff give receipts from their duplicate books for all financial transactions carried out in connection with their Clients, this includes receipting payment by cash of cheque for the Clients Invoice to South West Home Care. We are mentioning this as we are being told by a number of our clients that receipts for invoice payments are not being offered by staff.
Please note that notification of sickness must be by telephone to whoever is showing as duty manager for the relevant week on your Work schedule. It is in no way acceptable to inform of sickness by email or by mobile texting.
Please double check all cheques given to you by clients for payment of invoices are payable to South West Home Care. A number of cheques recently have been incorrectly completed. Also please note that we are not a Limited company so no LTD on the end please.

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